Bottling, Containers and Packaging

We are pleased to offer our customers full service access to containers at wholesale pricing and efficient bottling services in either Toronto or Ottawa area facilities. This service is supported either on its own or with bulk purchases of our sanitizer gels or liquids with private label bottling (NPN formula to be approved and registered). A full selection of containers are available with product in stock or quickly available with minimal lead times. We also have partnership with packaging (corrugate) boxes with quotes available suppliers and printers overseas or local Canadian production (MOQs vary by region).

Bottling Services

Availabe services include shipping of 1000L IBC totes of sanitizer gel or liquid to the bottling facility with fully automated bottling including cost of container. Finished goods shipped directly to customer warehouse or picked up at our facility.

Facility locations:
Toronto, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario

Bottling lines are designed to handle a variety of liquid and gel solutions. Please contact us for more details if interested in contracting bottling services.

Containers and Bottles

A full lineup of containers and bottles are available at customer request. These can be supplied separately to our manufacturing partners, or based on customer selection and sent directly to our bottling facility to fill customer orders under our brands or for any private label requirements.

Bulk size formats, such as 20L jugs, 200L drums or 1000L IBC totes are filled directly at our manufacturing facilities and shipped to customers.

Kraft and Pre-Printed Packaging

We offer bulk orders of plain corrugate boxes of various weights and layers. These items are sourced through our third party partner with options to source locally in Canada or high volume imports from Asia.

Pre-printed box services for master cartons or individual unit packaging is also available locally in Canada or high volume imports from Asia.

Private label orders in high volume include full service sourcing of packaging boxes, plain or pre-printed to meet cost and marketing targets.